The Magic Phil Show


The Magic Phil Show 

A brand new series available on youtube for everyone to enjoy and stay silly!
See below for the full list of Episodes, and click on the image to go to that episode!


The Magic Phil Show - Episode 1. 

Magic Phil visits Kids HQ and does some magic


The Magic Phil Show - Episode 2. 

The dog that loves blue - watch and listen to Magic Phil reading his own book as well as a little bit of magic!


The Magic Phil Show - Episode 3. 

Oh dear, who thought it would be a good idea to let Magic Phil inside and ice cream van.......what could possibly go wrong? He always has a joke or 2 to help....


The Magic Phil Show - Episode 4. 

Take a walk through the jungle with Magic Phil and join in a sing a long


The Magic Phil Show - Episode 5. 

Science Special - What could possibly go wrong when Magic Phil tries some experiments!


The Magic Phil Show - Episode 6. 

This weeks episode has Magic Phil opening a book very carefully as well as plenty of silly jokes!


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